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Speed Test

Looking to test the speed of your internet access? Our online Speed Test helps you diagnose connection issues.

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System status

Concerned about service? Use our easy system status page to find out about service interruptions and scheduled maintenance.


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Internet & Email

You can use these settings to configure your computer or router to connect to our internet service. If you need help configuring your computer for internet access, please contact help desk at 296-9600.

Logic Customers

Username: <broadband username>@logic
Password: <your password>

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

North Rock Customers

Username: <username>
Password: <password>

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

CableVision PPTP Customers

PPTP Server:

You can use these settings to configure any email client. If you need help configuring your email program, please contact help desk at 296-9600.

Logic Customers

POP Server:
SMTP Server*:
IMAP Server:
IMAP+SSL Server: Unavailable

North Rock Customers

POP Server:
SMTP Server*:
IMAP Server:
IMAP+SSL Server:

* Want to send mail while outside of Logic's network? Do you take your laptop or mobile device abroad, or to a friends house? You'll need to enable SMTP Authentication to send email! Most email clients support SMTP Authentication, and you can use your normal email login and password when configuring this feature.

You may test your speed with our speed test, available at

Logic's high-speed plans represent the maximum potential for our high-speed service. Our speed test will generally indicate an amount that is somewhat less than the peak speed of your connection, and should not be considered a conclusive result.

There are a number of factors which may limit the results of your speed test, including:

  • You are using a wireless, rather than a network cable, to connect to your router. Wireless routers are often bottlenecks, as data travels much more slowly over air than it does through a cable. (Please note, a wireless router is different from our Wireless WiMax Internet solution)
  • You are sharing your internet connection across multiple devices. If you have one or more computers using your network, or additional devices such as an X-Box, PlaytStation, Nintendo Wii, or video streaming device such as Apple TV or Roku, check that these devices are not in use before you begin the speed test. They actively consume bandwidth and this will interfere with your speed test.
  • Other programs are downloading while you are running the SpeedTest. If you are watching streaming video, downloading software, or have updates running in the background, then these activities are consuming bandwidth that would otherwise be used for your speed test.
  • The test was initiated during peak hours. Much like traffic on the road, our network can experience congestion throughout the day.
  • The wiring of your connection may not be sufficient to support a high-speed connection. All forms of high-speed Internet, except our Wireless WiMax service, are dependent on the quality of signal between your home and Logic.

Previously, customers were able to reset their email passwords using our WebMail interface. Please note, this feature is no longer available within WebMail!

In order to better secure your email, we have developed a Strong Password tool. This tool allows you both reset your email account password, and also allows you to measure the overall quality of the password.

Strong Password

You can setup an a fowarding address using our Webmail (linked to below).

Login to webmail, then select Rules. In the Mail Redirection section, click on enable and enter in the email account you wish to forward the message to.

Logic Webmail
North Rock Webmail

You can manage the anti-spam services on your account using our SpamCatcher service.

Logic Customers

SPAM Catcher:

Need to configure a router? Or setup an internet connection? Tech Force can take care of all kinds of computer problems.

Navigating IT equipment in the home can sometimes be a nightmare. We can help you with:

  • Home Networking
  • Modem and Router Configuration
  • Virus Protection
  • Data Back-up
  • Spyware Removal
  • Software Installation
  • Hardware Upgrades

It's simple. Call our customer service center, choose the tech force option, and talk with one of our agents. You'll schedule a time to drop off your equipment at our Church Street location. Just drop it off, and we'll call you when it's ready to pick up!

Call us and setup an appointment

Billing & Accounts

Logic Customers

Logic customers can access their billing information through the My Account website.

My Account website

North Rock Customers

North Rock customers can continue to accesss their accounts through the Billing website.

First, login to your webmail account. Then select settings, then Password. Please chose a secure password that is hard for someone to guess. Once you have completed the fields, click on update.

Billing website